The OPTIMAX 2010 processes all common film types and formats used in conventional standard radiography. It impresses with its modern design and its further optimised serviceability. 

The proven concept of the one-piece body housing is used in the OPTIMAX 2010, too. Exclusive use of high quality components and inclusion of all accessories required for operation in the standard delivery have always been PROTEC’s philosophy.

An optimised film detection with microsensors together with individually adjustable replenishment rates allow a more economic and more ecological use of valuable chemicals without concessions to the image quality. In addition to the integrated stand-by mode, when the processor is not in use, a water save mode is available to further reduce water consumption while the processor is working.

Processing speed, temperatures and replenishment rates can easily be adjusted on the control panel, which is also used for automatic tank filling during the warm-up cycle. All set parameters can comfortably be recalled and monitored on the digital display. The filling level control in the developer tank and the integrated overflow protection further improve the safety. The proven anti-oxidation and anti-crystallisation programs, together with the continuous circulation of the chemicals ensure highest image quality and consistency.

Top 5 product features:

  • Memory for 2 programs
  • Variable processing speed
  • Adjustable dryer heating
  • Overflow protection
  • Water save mode selectable