AcuMed is proud to work with well-known and innovative Portable X-Ray Generator Manufacturers from across the globe. This enables us to provide you with the latest technology in High-Frequency Generators, each with a range of power options as well as battery-powered versions for fieldwork

AcuMed understands that every medical practice has unique needs when it comes to portable X-Ray solutions. We want to provide you with a range of different power capabilities to achieve the required imaging for your client’s needs so you can provide better diagnoses. That is why we have carefully selected a range of generators to cover all eventualities. Please take a moment to peruse the information below to find out more.

AcuMed X-Ray Generators:

  • The most compact in size and lightest in weight
  • High resolution imaging at lower doses
  • Durable and robust designs
  • Soft touch controls with digital displays
  • Available with inverted display panels for table use

Ecotron Range of High Frequency Portable X-Ray Generators

meX+20BT lite – Ultra Lightweight Battery Powered 1.6kW Portable X-Ray Generator

meX+20BT – 1.6kW Battery Portable X-Ray Generator

meX+40BT – 2.4kW Battery Portable X-Ray Generator

EcoRay 1025HF Generator for Small Animal Exams – 1.35kW

EcoRay Orange Series Generators for Small to Large Animal Exams

EcoRay Orange Series Generators for Equine and Large Animal Exams

Ultra 100 Series – High Power Generator with advanced features for all examination types

Mobile stand only for ULTRA 100 Available to load in a vehicle

Ultra 9020BT – Battery Powered Portable X-Ray Generator

ULTRA 1025BT – Battery Powered Portable X-Ray Generator

Fixed table for portable x-rays Easy and simple to install